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upset with hatching

Jun 26, 2014
hi everyone, so far I have spent over a 100k gold hatching pets and each time I get the same pet I am trying using to hatch. I have used my dragon with my Cyclops, got a Cyclops again, dragon with Cyclops, got the same dragon, arcane helpers with dragon again a dragon, hatched helpers with my girlfriend and her rare pet got a dragon again, arcane helpers with someone's 3 headed dragon yup you guessed it, arcane helpers, (he managed to get arcane helpers from it though).

now I understand that this can happen, but there is a few issues I have with it, 1 you cant sell the pet you don't want and you cant trade it and why would I trash a pet I just spent 32k to hatch. so please someone explain what I am doing wrong and tell me how I can increase my chances to get a new and exciting pet from hatching.

thank you