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Sep 07, 2009
Hopefully this doesn't double post as I had a computer glitch when I tried to post it moments ago. Anyway, I'm thrilled that KI has listened and is making changes to the pets.

I'm especially thrilled that pets from a particular school will earn talents from that school. They specifically give the example of the Life school Earth Walker will get Life talents and not Myth or other types of talents.

I have a Life ninja pig and when I finally got him to Epic, he got a worthless Fire spell (Destroy minion for 3 pips). This is a worthless spell no matter what, in my opinion, but to make matters worse, it is a Fire spell that costs 3 pips. My Life minion costs me 4 pips, so this spell is never worth it.

KI, please make this change retrofit and fix our pets! I've completely abandoned making my pets Epic because this spell actually makes my pet LESS usefull than when he was just Ancient.