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Unique pet hatching

Sep 11, 2009
Ok since I am somewhat new here I was wanting to know why wizards did not say that the only way to get a unique egg was with lvl 48 pets?. I thought from what I read that you could take 2 adults and you would have a small chance at a unique egg. From what I have been seeing on here is that you have to have lvl 48 pets to do this.
To me this whole hatching thing is:
1. too expensive since I have tried on different characters at least 3 times each and I end up with a pet I already have.
2. they need to reduce to price of hatching to fit what you want. (ie common pets vs unique pets.
I do not know about wasting anymore money on this as it seems that to get a unique pet we are talking 1% chance and not 50% like others have said.
The price to feed them alone takes alot and then to hatch anywhere from 30,000-100,000 gold to me is not worth the chance of ending up with the same pet.

Oct 07, 2009

at first you might get the same pet but then after like 2 to 4 fails you will get a diffrent breed this happend to me. I ailed 2 times trying to get grimzilla and i got it in my third. Level 50 storm wizard