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Ultimate pet traits.

Mar 06, 2013
Hello everyone, I am Andrew Ravenshade. I am trying to get an ultimate pet so that when I do dungeons, or pvp, I wont have to keep changing my pet over and over again. So right now I'm trying to do is get my pet to have a bunch of traits that can help me while in battle. May cast fairy, May cast unicorn, May cast Blood bat, May cast healing current. And then for pvp battles, May cast Fairy, May cast steal charm, May cast unicorn, May cast vengeance, May cast healing current. The problem is that when I usually level up my pets, I get all of the bad traits. So I heard something about when you feed your pets snacks that they like/love, then the better the traits will be (from common to epic). My question is, what traits do you think I should have for an ultimate pet to help me out in both pvp and dungeons?

Mar 10, 2009
I was trying for a Sprite, Fairy, Current, m/c Tower & m/c Pierce and on the triple heal side, I found a triple healer and hatched two tower and pierce pets with the kind friend I found. Both babies gave me Sprite & one of the other heals and the may casts. I hatched them back to the triple healing parent, I helped the other wizard farm so we could both get gold and I gifted hatching elixirs. I got two pets with all the junk traits from both parents. I decided to try again. With the exact same hatching I got one mostly junk hatch and one Wonderful unicorn that has Sprite, Fairy, Current m/c tower and a health boost, I figure 4 out of 5 isn't bad at all :D. So, the point is, the exact hatching got me Very different pets.

Sep 07, 2011
Snacks don't matter. Hatch with pets that have the traits you want, train.
hatch again. Repeat until you get it. Takes a while.

Aug 06, 2008
I don't recommend may cast healing current btw. As far as healing spells go for pets to cast, may cast fairy is the very best. It may trigger whenever someone casts any spell at all, so it gets cast the most often, and heals as much if not more than 2 of the 3 options from healing current. May cast sprite is the second best for healing, as it's trigger is when someone on the field, anyone at all mind you, takes on damage. Other best talents are resists, as well as may cast infallible. My favorite pvp pet right now is my rain beetle which has may cast sprite, fairy, as well as 9% and 5% resist and may cast infallible. And yeah, everything is random, doesn't matter which snacks or if you train one thing over another. Just keep hatching with pets that have desired skills and have a similar or higher pedigree. Don't hatch with any pet that has even a single fail talent if possible.
Best of luck!

-Adam Seafist lvl 90 lvl 50

Apr 07, 2011
The best mixture of talents for you is:
spell proof + spell defy to get 14-15% universal res
fairy friend because one may cast heal is a must have
pain giver or school specific damage booster
guardian wall for may cast tower shield. Works great both in pvp and pve

As for the pet type i suggest you to get one with a useful card, like:
- onyx shenlong dragon or deer knight for feint
- balance blade or dragonblade giving pets (polar cat, carnation pixie, sporty dragon...etc.)
- magma colossus for pierce
- encanted armament for sharpened blades (if you're planning mid or low level pvp)

Mar 06, 2013
Thank you all for your responses. I will try to get my pet to a point where it will have double resist, damage assist (universal), may cast fairy, may cast infallible, and maybe empowerment may cast or healing current may cast. But I worry for my teammates though, That is why I suggested unicorn. But I guess either way the traits should be fine. I'll just try to get these traits onto queen pixie 57 to heal others.