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ultimate death damage pet

Mar 27, 2010
hey guys, this is my first time on the forum so excuse me for anything.
I was wondering if anyone has ever achieved this type of pet (preferably death) with the following 5 talents
Slot 1: Death: +1% to +4% Death Damage
Slot 2: Death-Giver - Effect: +1% to +9% Death Damage
Slot 3: Death-Dealer -Effect: +1% to +13% Death Damage
Slot 4: Pain-Bringer - Effect: +1% to +4% Damage
Slot 5: Pain-Giver - Effect: +1% to +9% Any Damage
This would result in a maximum (which is probably not possible without selfish talents) of a +39 death damage
is so plz let me know and i would appreciate if we could hatch
Blaze DeathRider (almost) Lvl 100

Dec 14, 2009
I have a death beast with 5 damages,and several death pets with 4 damages atm.I am usually in pet hatchery on weekends a good bit. Look for Belgrim<death wizard> the skeleton. If you find me, I am always happy to hatch with anyone in need. :)