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Trading cards for Mega Snack Pack

Dec 26, 2009
I remember one time when this person Ryan Soul said he would gift me Mega Snack Pack if I traded him treasure cards. I told him to go first so I can't be tricked. But then he said no because he thought I would trick him. So I just traded the cards. And when I went to do the dance game he ran off with my treasure cards and deleted me. I am MAD! And another friend said to help him get a kind of troll pet. So I tried to help him but he didn't get anything. He told me he would gift me for just being a very good friend but he didn't. You see people, be careful with who you trust. They might lie and run off with what you gave them.

Anthony Redflame Grand Death

P.S Gamma plz read and do something about the stolen cards.

Caveat Emptor, young Wizard - A Cautionary Tale
<br />
<br /> Just as we have all been instructed not to take candy from strangers, so should you know not to accept gifts from strangers. If you don't recognize the person who sent you the gift, don't accept it.
<br />
<br /> Since Gifting has come to the Spiral, I thought this might also be a good opportunity to remind our young Wizards to be wary of players promising gifts of mounts or other goodies, in exchange for your Treasure Cards.
<br />
<br /> <b>Be sensible young Wizards, and ask yourselves if this person is really going to give you an item worth $30 of real money just for a few free Treasure Cards - the answer is, no, they're not. They're going to take your Treasure Cards and disappear. It's not a very nice thing to do, but all trades must be agreed upon by both parties. If the trade sounds too good to be true, it probably is, so don't accept the trade. </b>
<br />
<br /> Please remember, reporting someone for 'scamming' you out of Treasure Cards is not valid, since you both had to agree to the trade. If what you see in the Trade window is not fair, regardless of what the player told you, don't agree to the trade, simple as that. Caveat emptor is a very powerful lesson to learn, young Wizards. Buyer Beware.

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