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Too much XP neede for pets

Mar 30, 2009
I dont want to be a fatty no-life kid spending 9 hours a day trying to level up my pet! I have been trying to play for half an hour every 2 days (one day with no computer) and I have spent weeks trying to go from Teen to adult and Be able to hatch! Ever think Teen Pets could do quests on there own accessing them in Golem Court! The reason I think teen+ should get this is because a baby can't be out alone doing quests. I wish their was things like that, and a PvP for Pets, A PvPP! (Play-vs.-Player-Pets!) that would be cooler than COD Modern Warfare 2 (though it already is.) Kingsisle, you are already Ancient, But if you PLEASE do this, you will level up to................. EPIC!