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To be able to buy Mega Snack Packs with gold

Apr 13, 2009
Hello, I'm a wizard who loves hatching for new talents and pets, however I am finding it increasingly difficult to train my pets. I have several pets with great talents on Epic but I just don't have the snacks or energy to get them to Mega. I was looking over the crowns store and I wanted to buy a mega snack pack to help my cause. But I hovered over the gold button and you cannot purchase with gold. This means I have to spend my hard earned money on $5 worth of crowns and with the redundancy crisis over here I cannot afford to be paying $5 every week just to be able to get a mega snack pack. I'm sure others have thought of this problem but haven't brought it up and I think many users will agree with me. I want to see a reply or change soon because I cannot pay for much longer. You may be thinking well don't get a mega snack packs then, but what many of you won't realize is that if you train your pet up on snacks that are higher ranked or that your pet 'loves' or 'likes' it will gain better talents along the way.
Thank you for you time to read this and your patience, I hope many of you agree with my statement so things can change.
Luke Lifeblde

Jan 20, 2010
Hey all !

I totally agree with this, mega snack packs are currently stupidly expensive (way overpriced and exaggerated) it would be fair to have them available for gold and not a fortune btw ! Make them for like 30-40K gold not 100K+ gold, true gold is relatively easy to farm but it's still time spent !

I agree with the idea to buy mega snack packs wit gold as long as it's not completely exaggerated as it is right now with the crowns cost.

I'd rather buy 6 normal packs (hydra, phoenix,etc...) and get 4,5 snack at 25 points then getting 250-255 off a mega snack pack ! At least when you buy packs you get gear and stuff you can sell and with the gold buy Dr.Jalapenos or Shanta puddings in the bazaar !

Up to you folks but I like getting the most out of my money/crowns/gold !

Have fun and thx to the author for bringing this up !

This is not going to happen.

This is yet another case of Crowns vs Time.
You can either spend the Crowns to get the Mega snacks which level your pet up faster
You can spend the Time to level your pet without Mega snacks.

Apr 13, 2009
Recently, I submitted a complaint onto the message board about Mega Snack Packs being to hard to get, I garden 2-3 times a day to get mega snacks and by doing this I waste all my energy, I farm Waterworks 7-8 times a day to try and get some snacks from in there. Nothing works. If your not going to make them payable by gold then at least do one, ( or both 0 of these ideas:
1. Make a gardening energy globe.
2. Instead of having 1 or 2 bosses drop snacks, have 10 so you have a range of difficulty levels and school.
I hope people agree with my ideas.
Luke Lifeblade

You have your answer, young Wizard.

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