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This should be a part of the next update

Jun 13, 2009
Whenever you join a ranked pet derby race you should be able to choose what stage of pets you want to go against. For example if you have a adult pet and you want to join a ranked match you could be with 3 other adult pets instead of a ancient, mega, and another mega and you'd be the only adult pet cause it would seem a bit unfair.

Sep 17, 2012
I don't really see much need for that. If you are doing ranked derby, why would you be doing it without a trained pet?

Sep 19, 2013
Pretty sure that's how it works now...

Sep 07, 2011
Ranked matches are with pets at the same level. If your pet is adult, you will be racing adults.

Dec 31, 2012
Ya that seems like a great idea that would be used by many Wizards! Kingsisle should definitely look into this!!!

Mar 17, 2011
they do that in less you a pet warlord or or higher then you start to vs higher level pets just like in rank pvp and if it was like that then people who wanna become a pet pvp warlord then they just yous that as a cheat so i kinda have to say that would be a bad ideal and that pet pvp fine is perfect as it is just hard to win at if they could fix the lag in it that be great back like when you try to turn lanes or something there like a 10sec lag sometimes not always but sometimes if anything needs updating there i say it the hatching place for pet it be cool if they added in like a mix thing in there just for your pets lets say i had lord of winter and you had a normal dragon spell you yous the mix and you get a brand new pet like winter dragon and it have new skill and stuff from the combo but every time you yous the mix it make a new pet that you have to yous the mix to get that way people could make just cool pets and get epic skill but you do get to keep the pets you yous and when you yous the pet mix it will call the egg a mix egg tell it hatch the next day because mix pets would cost crowns to do and they get more epic skill and cooler looks also they get more rare stuff that the normal pet have a hard time getting also depending on what pets you yous is depending on what spell you get or may cast like lets say you mix a pet with a pet well the spell it give you wouldn't just be from one class it be from both of them you could also get some heal spell but 99% of it would be storm and ice spell sent you mix that and it have a thing you know were they show if it storm or ice well it be both so it be half storm and half ice that way they could expand in pet place and expand in pets i think many player would spend money to do these i sure would i also think that these would be great for player who want to see new pets because they could now combine pet to make never before seen one and if a combine pet is combine with a none one you would get 3 combine combo