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Think twice before hatching

Apr 17, 2010
I spent 50,000 plus to hatch with a stromzilla and my Wraith. What did I get for the 50,000 when the egg hatched? Another Wraith. What a JOKE and a WASTE of gold. If I had any clue I would not have paid all the gold to get the same stupid pet. I will never hatch again or waste my time doing so. It is bad enough everything here is so OVER priced, now we have to pay big gold to hatch a pet we already have. Think twice before hatching you just might be WAY over charged for a pet you already have.


May 19, 2009
Ok so even when the prices were cut in half, some people out there are still complaining that its still too much?

Dec 18, 2008
I love the new price it is, It's fair. Plus the chances are fair too, so what if it's all chance, in my offense I never even complained about the price before.

Apr 17, 2010
Nope fifty thousand is not bad to hatch if you get a different pet when it hatches. When you get the same pet you hatched with then yes it is over priced, and a waste of gold. If had any idea I could get the same pet when hatching I would have spent the gold on a new house. :)


Apr 21, 2010
The cost of Hatching is for the opportunity to mix stats and abilities; not to get a different pet.
Getting a different pet is a free bonus.

Feb 14, 2009
Even if you get the same pet, the new one will have traits from both pets. As well as there is about a 25% chance to get one of the pets you started with

Jan 27, 2009
it's just fine the way it is and if you think i don't know what I'm talking about then you would be wrong. It is a little frustrating to hatch level 48 pets 5 times and not get a hybrid but that's what makes those pets special. If they weren't rare then there would be no point of getting them.

Ian Lightthief Grandmaster Diviner
Working toward that 6th hatch and hopefully a tempest hound this time.

Jul 24, 2009
yes i hatched once and it cost me 50000$ it just gave me some stubid wraith again!!!!!!!!!!!! and it costs me the same energy as my adult pet does and it a baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jan 21, 2010
to the op: Was it overpriced? Each player, without hatching, only gets one wraith per level 48 death wizard. Unless you raise multiple death wizards, that is only one wraith per account. People who don't make death wizards don't even have the chance to get one.
Wraith is an exclusive pet. You still got your money's worth, you didn't have to raise a second death wizard to level 48 to get a second wraith. I suppose you could farm wraiths... I know I would not raise a necromancer to level 48 then, once I got the wraith into the shared bank, delete the character and repeat the process.
Indeed, with hatching, it is now possible for people without death wizards to get a wraith. They just need to find a death wizard willing to breed their wraith, and hope that they don't get another copy of their own pet when the egg hatches.
Then their are crown pets. I recently bred a death leprachun and my earth walker. (I have my reasons) I knew that I would get another earth walker or another death leprachun. It was gauranteed. I didn't have to boss a billion times and I didn't buy it at the pet store. If they stop selling death leprachun or earth walker in the pet shop, I would still be able to make them.
Then there are the pets you have to buy with arena tickets. Rose Specter (I think that is what the pet is named) costs over 1000 arena tickets. If I managed to get one I could find another player who also had one and we could each get another rose specter without having to wait in line at the derby another 300+ to 500+ more times.

If you go back and read the announcement about the hatchery; it is carefully worded, and says that hybrids are possible. It never said that making hybrid pets were the focus of the hatchery. I think that it is simply that hybrid pets are so much more exciting than cloned pets. Right now, cloning pets only provides advantage under certain circumstances. If we could directly trade pets, cloning would be much more popular than it is.