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The Un-Talents

May 16, 2009
Why is it that, when your pet has a talent that says MAY cast a blade or a trap, the pets NEVER casts them?
I have a few pets with these so-called talents and have yet to see any of them work.

They should be listed as WILL NEVER cast a blade or a trap. I mean maybe fix that or replace it with something that is actually helpful. Feel free to manipulate my Epic pets to replace those with a power boost or something. Pets are an investment in time and often in mega snacks (money). Can we get what we're paying for plz?

I have seen it them work in the test realm before the pet system was brought live.

Also, why are most of the epic talents for the derby? I want my pets useful in battle. All of the strange talents like Crafty or Gifted only appear to be useful in giving you more bar to fill - unless you are looking to hatch - and maybe not even then.

Apr 21, 2010
Apr 02, 2010
Don't know what you are talking about. :-)

I trained my Satyr up to Ancient and he got 'Spritely', which is a Talent that it may cast Sprite, the spread out healing spell, sort of like a Fire Elf but it heals instead.

Now if you are any school other than Life, this is a good thing. It does not even use your pips, you just get healed!

But say you are Life in a group battle, and you cast Guiding Light, and maybe the amulet version of Guiding Light, and maybe the treasure card version of Guiding Light, with the Malistaire ring that boosts healing +15%, all for a massive Rebirth that will scare the teams pants off.

And then the Satyr does Sprite out of turn. Oh boy! All those stacking Guiding Lights (the red cross) all get burned up by the Sprite, and the boost to healing is only for the first round. Its sort of like trying to shield against Fire Elf, but in reverse.

Or better yet, you are a Life GrandMaster, you ditch all your healing cards below Satyr because frankly they take up room that could be better occupied by prisms, blades, traps, or shields. Then you end up in the Crimson Fields fighting Yakedo with a lower level wizard, and the person needs to be healed, but all you got is two Dryad up, the lower level is begging you to heal, and you really want to get that Centaur spell cast on that minion so you stop taking so much damage, and you don't want to waste all twelve pips on a Dryad that the person can't even accept all that health. And then, and then, the Satyr starts healing you and they don't understand what is going on, make you look like you a jerk.

Now that is ANNOYING.

Apr 21, 2010
Spritely is not a blade or a trap.
May Cast shields and Spritely work.
May Cast blades and traps never cast. They are bugged.

Jun 30, 2009
i hope they fix this before doing any thing else to the game after celectia comes to live realm of course lvl fire jack dragonbreath

Aug 16, 2008
Yes about those traps and blade talent. Will they work whit the update of Celestia?

Cause i have a lot of pets whit the talent may cast blade or trap but it never happend. Its sad after few years that all my pioneer, friendly etc.. dragon never casted there spells.

Pls do something

Apr 21, 2010