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The new pets

Jan 18, 2010
I am appalled at the new prices of breeding pets. I am one of the "kid" players of wizard101 and I have spent over one hundred $ on this game. I dont want to farm for months on 80K gold and waste my whole summer on a completely not fun thing.(farming for gold) I expected them to be cheap say 20K for the rare ones 2K for not so rare ones. But 80K, I mean really. Do you want us to just not use the new feature. (by the way I have not seen one hybrid pet and I have been on a ton!) I would like someone to tell me the math formula for the price for the hatching and details on it and how to tell how much gold it cost when you get the you DO NOT have enough gold screen. Plus I am again appalled at how much time you want us to put in getting our pet to adulthood and THEN farming for 80K gold. Please do reply.

- Noah DuskMender