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the dots next to talents do they mean anything?

Jul 23, 2009
Hi Everyone, Okay just a quick question... you know how you look at the talents of a pet
there are the circles with dots some have two dots some have 3 dots what does that mean?
Does that mean chances the pet with use that talent the more dots next to it or chances I will get that talent when leveling the pet up or both? Those dots are really confusing? Lol

Sep 05, 2014

0 dot = common talent

1 dot = uncommon

2 dots = rare

3 dots = ultra rare

4 dots = epic

The number of dots, or lack of, only represents the rank of each talent.

I might be wrong so please wait for answers from other forum members and Happy Questing

Sabrina Skycaster, lvl 29 , Gone' Fishin'