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Talent slots and hatching?

Jan 18, 2013
Can KI or someone who knows please answer my question. If I hatch a pet that has Spell Proof in slot five, if the baby recieves Spell Proof will it also be in slot five or could it be in any slot?

The reason I ask this is because if the pet that I hatched with has something other than an epic talent in slot five then I will know if the baby has recieved Spell Proof or not. I don't want to waste my time training a pet that cannot give me what I want.

It really sucks that you can't see what potential talents a pet could learn. It makes hatching a custom pet really hard because the only way you can really know is by training it and even then you still may not know.

I've seen some seen some players with some really awsome custom pets. Like Fairy Friend, Spell Proof and Spell Defy all on the same pet. They would have to have hatched them somehow. Did they just get really lucky, or is there a method that they used to hatch all the talents that they wanted onto on pet?

Please guys tell me if you know. And tell us if you have a method you use to hatch the talents that you want.

May 10, 2010
Talents can move to a different slot, but it will not usually jump very far. Dont expect a talent in slot 4 to all of a sudden be in slot 10.

usually at most, a talent may jump 1 or 2 slots.

Hope this helps,

Jan 18, 2012
Darthjt is correct. Talents can move a little bit, but they are always in the same slot in *relation* to other talents. For example, you will always find these talents in this order - pain-giver/spell proof/spritely/spell-defying. That doesn't mean there won't be talents in between them, but you will never have defy above proof in a pet. Your spell proof might move up or down a flew slots, but it's order in relation to the other talents will stay the same. I've seen spell proof in a top slot and a low slot - all depends what you are hatching with and what talents that pet gives to the new one. With some repeat hatchings, you will be able to tell what is where on your pet. Try to hatch with a pet where most, if not all the talents, are known.

That's why it is important to try and know what talents you have in your pet. It makes it a lot easier to then figure out which talents moved to the new pet. There's a thread on Central about the "Quest for and Ordered Talent List" - it shows you which talents are where in relation to one another.

Sep 07, 2011
Talents can move up or down to different slots with each hatch, but they will always stay in the same order as far as what is above what. That helps some of us guess what hidden talents our pets have.

To get a pet with only wanted talents takes time, luck, and persistence. You have to hatch with pets that have the talents you want, and often many times. "Perfect pets" with all the things you are after are usually the result of a lot of selective breading. It isn't easy, but it feels great when you finally get it.

Apr 21, 2012
All right does anyone know what would hatch with a forest beast ( I got one out of a pack) beacuse i am having a pet collection
if anyone knows, thanks

The guy with the gecko,
Elijah Fire Fist level 31 Pyromancer