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Talent Confusion

Sep 07, 2009
I've noticed that if a pet earns a talent that boosts one of their maximum possible values, that this can help with other talents. For example:

If I get the "Tenacious" talent, that gives me a +50 boost to my strength stat. If my pet came with the "Spell-Proof" talent (which is resistance to all spells), then the +50 from the Tenacious will actually help improve the "Spell-Proof" talent.

However, what if I get a pet who even after Epic has ONLY earned talents that increase the stats? What good does having +50 on my strength do if my other talents are also simply stat boosts? Yes, I understand that all those boosts might make my pet awesome in the derby, but I don't pet race. Does this make my pet that I worked weeks to get to Epic completely useless in fights?? I'm very frustrated and confused by this.

Apr 21, 2010