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Snacks (too funny)

May 30, 2009
So the other day I was in the bazaar looking at the snacks for sale and I came across one that had me ROLLING! Poncherello Chips was the name and for those of you who aren't old enough to know, there was a cop show on called CHiPs and one of the cops on the show had a last name of Pocherello (sp?). This kinda goes along the lines of the Zeke quests being names after songs or bands and even certain quests having significant names. It's pretty fun for me to find these little flashbacks in a new game such as this. :D

There was another card I just recently found out about, the Large Fish snack card. What I read was something about him being a Dopefish that has apparently been spotted in many other games.

If you have come across any more of these I would LOVE to hear about them!