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Sleeping Pets...

A+ Student
Mar 02, 2010
So, my Talented Piggle has these 4 talents:
Spell-Proof, Spell-Defying, Balance-It, and Spritely. And, of course, it never casts Spritely, at least in pvp. All of its stats are maxed out, and I see pets cast it much more then mine. I think that boosting up its Will or something makes the pet cast more, but it's stats are maxed, and I don't want to go and try to get a 'Perfect Pet' all over again. So, is there a reason that some pets cast Spritely like 10 times more then others?

Jul 23, 2011
My brave hound sleeps alot too. Friends have told me that in order to get a better pet, you need to hatch a new one with higher limits on stats.

Feb 12, 2011
I think that the spritely talent has the same chance to cast on any pet. It is triggered by damage taken, by anyone in the battle.

According to the Central Wiki, it is a 10% chance to cast:


I have had spritely cast multiple times in A TURN (cast a AoE DoT -like fire dragon), and each damage tick has a chance to trigger spritely.

I have also gone through dungeons with multiple floors, and have did not have spritely trigger once. (and yes, I wished I could poke him or something. It was kinda like he wasn't even paying attention)

So, I don't really agree that some pets will cast sprite more than others. I think if you looked at it over a long period of time (numbers of damage hits vs. number of spritely casts) you will find they are pretty even. For every major pet-sprite fail, I can think of an example where it really saved me!