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Slap in the face of a different breed...

Apr 29, 2009
How about making a pet that you're not disappointed with yet never works? Wouldn't you think in a half hour fight that either the May Cast Spritely or May Cast Fairy would show up once but doesn't? I don't need an argument on age or other May Cast talents getting in the way. These are the only two May Cast talents and it is a Mega pet. It's a waste as well as any pet you hatch and train that simply fails to manifest talents you want but this time you'll actually use it, constantly, and fail boss fights because this "pet" sits and stares never using any May Cast.

Sep 17, 2012
Every solo quester has suffered from this. It comes from the nature of the may cast heals. They MAY trigger on any spell. When you solo, there are far fewer spells cast. When you fight in team battles, the pets all trigger each other and other players spells trigger them too. Go fight a few rounds in an easy team boss fight like Loremaster and you'll see your pet wake up again.