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Should we just stop complaining??

Apr 30, 2010
Ever since the whole hatchery thing came out there have been a whole lot of complaints. To expensive, got same pet back and stuff like that. They do say that its a chance of getting a new pet. I am really mad at the hatching system right now because i keep getting the same pet back for a lot of money but are they any wizards out there who think we should just stop complaining and deal with it? Wizards101 is a great website and a little problem with a new thing isn't really going to ruin it. Unless your a grand and have nothing left to do...

Jul 15, 2009
The problem with this attitude is that, while it is true that there is precious little KI can do to make everyone happy, their main feedback engine has to include complaints.

Remember the cannon game bug? The difficulty they had with stuff disappearing? The issue with 48 level pets not getting their pip boosts? These were all real issues, affecting game play in a way that KI did not intend, and KI heard about them because of customer complaints.

Not everyone is going to agree with the solutions that KI has come up with on just about everything to do with game play. That is part of the purpose of these boards; to give an avenue for the individual player to be heard, and to see the overall perspective of others playing the game.

May 19, 2009
Complaining is feedback, if no one ever complained then nothing would ever get fixed or improved.

May 22, 2009
I have tried mixing my Orthrus several times only to get another Orthrus. I am not complaining, because I know that is the chance I took when I agreed to spend the 43,000 for hatching.

I also see complaints about people having to train their pets. I just shake my head and sigh. The one thing people tend to forget is that before the pet update, a lot of these pets were nothing more than eye candy. At least now there is a chance the pets will give us boosts and possibly other cards. All we have to do is take a little of our time and train them. You don't need to spend hours training a pet. I usually only spend a half hour training, if I happen to have snacks. If I don't have snacks, I help other people with their quests. Doing that i get both items and snacks.

If people would look at all the good instead of seeing only the bad, they may enjoy playing the game just as much as I and many other people do.

Hannah Lifebringer Level 50 Life

Aug 23, 2009
Jan 01, 2010
Complaining is never terribly helpful, but constructive suggestions are usually always welcome. KI needs the feedback but let's try to come up with helpful ideas. As for me, I haven't done much with the new pets but given what I am reading, I am not really motivated to do so.

It basically depends on what KI wants folks to get out of the pavilion. From what I hear, it seems they need to improve the chances of getting an interesting combined pet. You spend lots of effort to get it to hatching stage, then pay for the hatch so you should be rewarded with something interesting. Otherwise people won't participate and KI will have launched a program that won't get as much use as they hoped. And of course this affects their bottom line.

So yes, stop complaining. But do keep offering constructive suggestions to improve the game. That benefits all of us.

May 09, 2009
considering the whole pet thing is new its ok to complain thats how it gets better.

what you shouldnt complain about is about stuff thats been around a while.

such as schools being awesome at a certian pvp

A+ Student
Jan 05, 2009
KI does listen to constructive critism/discussion...and the game has been modified due to many of the discussions on the boards or on the fan sites. As long as you lay out why you think the way you do, without threats of quitting, etc, they do pay attention.