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Should I continue?

Aug 03, 2009
Ok so I have a rain beetle with may cast unicorn, spell proof, and balance accuracy. I wasn't so happy about getting the balance accuracy even though I am balance I was looking for some other stuff. Both of its parents had may cast sprite so there a good chance it has it but I was wondering if I should continue training it even after the disappointing balance accuracy.

Oct 22, 2011
If you got a talent you didn't really want, then stop training and hatch that pet to whatever pet you've used to hatch with.

My primary pets for all of my wizards have Proof, Defy, Sprite, Fairy and Pain Giver. If at any time while training I got a talent I didn't want, I would immediately hatch the baby with the parent I'd been using for talents/stats.

May 21, 2013
Yes the higher it is the better talents and also after raising hatch with someone that has the talents your looking for mine has unicorn, life bat, life blade, balance blade, and spell proof.

Jasmine Dragonrider

Jul 18, 2010
Well, I trained my pink pixie which I hatched with a samoorai with unicorn and pain giver. By the time I trained it to adult, I got mana gift And pain giver. Trained it to ancient, very disappointed.... Got something to boost agility .. Trained to epic hoping for unicorn and I got sprite a good tip for may casts is to train it's will for all pets . I would train my pink pixie to mega but for a pretty good chance at unicorn but is took me months since I got bored of the games if you decide to train it, train its will. It helped my little starfish get sprite and spell proof (it is only adult! )