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Seraph Pet

Oct 22, 2009
bnelson383 wrote:
Seraph hunter here. I have done the complete kensington park dungeon over 40 times now ( i kept track); and no sign of anything but the same drops over and over again. No seraph pet for over a normal work week of fighting. Can someone tell me for certain that the seraph is still dropped there? I would hate to waste more dawn to dusk days fighting in kensingotn for a pet that isnt there. If you know of anyone getting it after the update plz reply. legendary wizard clan Spellhammer. Coyle 60 balance. Marcus 60 death. Chase 60 life. Morgrim 60 storm. Hunter 60 ice. And Kane Spellhammer 60 fire the seraph hunter. thanks.

I have farmed it as well, about as much as you have, and no drop. I haven't seen where anyone has received the Seraph pet as a drop recently. All the posts of drops were over a year ago.

Aug 15, 2010
gdenali wrote:
princesspeach wrote:
actually the seraph pet has just been found! she drops in mb kensington park which is really hard unless your grand! she drops from stoker the last boss the one in the warhouse! but she is also a crowns pet so you can also wait till the new update comes out to get it with crowns instead of risking you "life" in kensington park. sestiva frostblood grand life and cassandra lotusriver lvl 48 storm

awww its THAT hard to get one i was hoping it would be just in like a MS dungeon or a boss that wasnt in a long really hard street :-( pls make it easier to get a seraph pet KI! PLEASE

i really want one andf i did one boss there and died and i think it is not fair that only super powerful wizards can get the pet please make it easier to get it becuase i rally want one and my friend also really wants one so i beg you make it easeir