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Sea Dragon & Samoorai

Dec 24, 2008
Has anyone tried to hatch those two pets? I have sea dragon epic with some nice abilities and my samoorai as well. Anyone know what does the 2nd gen pet look like after it's hatched?

Oct 29, 2013
All offspring of a Samoorai / Sea Dragon hatch will look like either a Samoorai or Sea Dragon. Neither pet creates a hybrid.

Miranda Nightsinger, Archmage Necromancer
Scarlet Windhammer, Adept Pyromancer

Oct 22, 2011
It's going to be a Sea Dragon or a Samoorai. Some talents may move over to the new pet, or not. It's totally random as to what happens and what possible talents you may get ..... and then there is the question as to what talents will manifest. It can take a few hatches or many hatches to get what you want, in terms of talents. So, if you are not happy with the new pet, try try again.

Good Luck!