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Jun 29, 2009
Just got my school pet for life ( something I worked for I might add ). It came with a card ( big deal ), but unlike my before pets fire school helephant it did not get its 5% to pip chance. Why??? I leveled it to teen this morning ( had to wait 18 hour to hatch ) and all I got was a + 40 to my max will power ( JUNK ( can't use the word I wanted to )). I'm not some little 9 year old running around playing the pet games so I can race my friends for tickets. I like to battle, and standing around playing games for the chance to get what should be on the school cards is JUNK. Maybe I'll just use my fire grandmaster and charge a stud fee for the chance to mate with my helephant, it has a 5% to it and a card ( pre update pet ).