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Satyr casting sprite

Sep 01, 2009
Recently I noticed other life wizards had satyr pets that cast sprite. Mine has never done that, and he is ancient. Does he need to be epic in order to cast this, or is it similar to the life minotaur who sometimes casts a life ward? Thanks! Erin Dawn Weaver Grand Life, Erin Ice Weaver Master Ice

Community Leader
It is actually a Pet Talent called "Spritely," which says in its tooltip "May Cast [Life] Spell." That "Spell" is indeed a Sprite which can interrupt battle to heal the Pet Owner. Your Satyr must manifest this talent to be able to do so.

If your pet doesn't receive this Talent at all in its lifetime (from Baby to Epic), try breeding against a Pet that does have it. You have a decent chance of manifesting Spritely in this way, since your pet already has the Talent in its genetic skeleton (one of the ten Talents). Good luck in your endeavors!