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Rescue Rover or Polar Fox?

Feb 20, 2011
Hello, I would like to hatch a pet and get a Rescue Rover or Polar Fox.

The thing is, my pets cannot catch up with all the high demands of people. So, hopefully one of you won't be so picky?

I have a Viligant Dragon, it is an Ice pet and gives the Fortify card and gives 37 Mana.

The other pet I have is the Thunderbird. It is a Storm pet and gives Grand Phoenix and Fire Elf cards, it may also cast "Sprite"

If you would like more information about these pets, please ask!

I will meet you if you would like to hatch.

Realm: Vampire
Area: 01
Location: Pet Pavilion, next to the Snack shop
Time: 5:00 PM EST
Date: 12/28/13 (Maybe tomorrow, it depends on how fast this post is accepted.)

Dec 30, 2009