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Remove Spiffy Pop talent

Jul 18, 2009
I guess the test server feedback was ignored and not read...

Anyway this "talent"/exploit, is being abused in pet derby to achieve one lap wins.

There really is no excuse Kings Isle. We reported this in test via the feedback and it was ignored.

Is this "working as intended"?

If so then you won't get a dime out of me anymore.

Jul 18, 2009
Still being massively exploited. So far people with this talent use it right away to negate the entire first lap of the race.

Will someone at KI answer if this is working as intended? If anything I think a pet derby rank and pet awards should be wiped due to this massive oversight.

All people have to do is use spiffy pop at beginning of race and they win easily because all they have to do is race one lap.

So are any other pets just fodder for these people? I am starting to think due to the non action that if you want to race in ranked pet derby you must have spiffy pop talent period.

Thanks for the variety, fairness, and parity in design!