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Jan 30, 2009
Today, I tried for the 4th time for a Reaper. I had 36,000 gold, and was farming Oyotomi with my friend for the rest. It was taking a while, so he gifted me 10,000 gold to boost me. Not only did I fail and got a Hydra no better than mine, but also my friend spent $7.00 for me to get a pet that we were SURE I was going to get, seeing it was my 4th time AND I tried in test earlier today to see my chances and got the pet. Not only am I sad about the hatch, but it kind of feels like Kingsisle lied to me, seeing I used the exact same circumstances i did in test as i did in live realm, and also I spent a whole afternoon farming.

Jul 15, 2009
Well, first, let me extend my apologies that you did not get the pet you wanted.

Unfortunately, statistics do not work the way you seem to want them to.

As you have undoubtedly noticed when you searched this board regarding hybrids, there is a _tendency_ within the game system for multiple replicates when attempting to obtain a rare hybrid form. That is because they are rare.

From everything I have read about the hatching process, it appears tat the game system as it stands 'shifts probabilities' to favor the less rare pet in each hatching instance. Since the hybrid form is rarer than the parent form, breeding does not favor the hybrid.

Any instance you attempt to breed, those dice are cast _at that moment_. You may want the dice to come up sixes in both attempts, but because they are singular events, they cannot be guaranteed. KI cannot lie to you, because they cannot reasonably control both events.