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Recommended Pet Talents for High Levels?

Nov 21, 2013
Hey, strangers. Wanted to run these thoughts by the community. For high level Wizards, what would y'all consider an ideal lineup of talents? Excluding dedicated PvP pets and critical pets because they all have their situational uses.

Triple damage, spell proof, and a may cast heal is usually what I aim for. That said, I also have a lot of pets with double resist, double damage, and fairy. I don't feel like a may cast heal is all that beneficial anymore and I'm left wondering whether double resist is even worth keeping as well. A lot of my buddies in the game seem to go for as much damage as possible on some quad pets whereas I've seen others swear by their double resist and healing pets. I'm currently on my Fire wizard, btw.

Any consensus on this?

Triple damage / proof / may cast heal
Quad damage / proof or may cast heal
Double damage / double resist / may cast heal
Triple damage / double resist
Mix of damage and critical with no resistance
Only resistance and heals
None of the above?

Dec 31, 2009
No one can BLOCK damage, having said that I usually go for damage/resist, depending on school.

For Ice I have triple, quad and quint damage pets, and just switch out as needed.

I have the same for storm, though she does have one pet with Fairy, which I will only use if I am solo, since heals will get you aggro and dead in a lot of cases, so not really beneficial in a team setting.

My other wizards have triple/double of triple/proof/fairy. I find fairy actually pretty useful on Fire, but I kind of stink at Fire and he tends to need healing lol.

Each wizard also has some form of resist/healing pet for support situations.

Right, so I have a lot of pets, but to my original point, critical is like overtime pay, its nice, but you can not always count on it, damage is money in the bank!

Feb 09, 2012
Personally, without regard to school... I go for the triple damage / proof / mc heal (preferably fairy). I'm never unhappy with that combo.

On my death, I'm fine not having the proof or the mc heal since those hits can keep me alive. Quint damage or quad with a balance blade card (so I can support others or buff myself) is nice.

On my fire, because critical is crazy high for fire, I like having critical talents on my pet as well. It's not a must -- I'm not one of those nutzo critical addicts. But when it gets me over 720 total critical, I'll take it. Storm is kinda the same way, but not as high.

For my healing wizards (life, balance, and sometimes ice) I like having a pet with more MC heals as well as proof. I have more than one pet on those wizards and equip the power pet or healing pet depending on my circumstances.

All that said -- I also place importance on what card(s) the pet gives. I only use pets that give good cards as a base. Beasts (forest, desert, blaze, spark, etc) all have blades, and onyx shelong and deer knight both have feints. Those were always my go-to pets for battle. Now with the high level pets, there's the ghulture and fossil with blade and feint, rain core with bonus blades (death and ice supercharge?!? ya!), etc.

Jewels play a role too. If I can add a talent with a jewel (damage, critical, resist) then I don't concern myself as much with getting that talent on the pet itself.

Apr 13, 2011
Do you have double damage, double resist, and may cast fairy on a pet because I would love to hatch if your willing

Mar 05, 2012
I think it depends on your battle situation; my max Fire uses different pets based on if I am running solo and the level of boss/mobs I am facing, or if in a team.

I have several pets I use based on what I am doing; I usually use a double resist/ double damage/ heal plus critical if I am running solo on tough bosses, since I don't bother with a Life Amulet.
If farming or running lower level worlds,I use a pet with proof/ max damage critical/ no heal.

Your gear sets stats should be taken into consideration as well.

I think it's all personal preference and play style so go with what you are comfortable with.

Sep 07, 2011
It depends on play style and situation. I have too many pets, and some of my family members and friends have even more.

Questing solo: proof, defy, school dealer, giver, some kind of m/c heal usually.

Hitting on a team, proof, and all the damages I can get, or damage with m/c infallible or a crit boost.

on a team not hitting, proof, defy, heal(s), buff for the hitter, or wards if it's a boss that does a lot of damage in a certain school.

There are all kinds of crazy combos for certain things. My dad made pets just for tartarus, and for shane von shane and loremaster.

Our life wizards have proof with unicorn and healing boosts

Nov 21, 2013
the awesome pyroma... on May 9, 2017 wrote:
Do you have double damage, double resist, and may cast fairy on a pet because I would love to hatch if your willing
Late reply here, but yes I do. I have those talents on a Gallant Bull if you'd like to hatch. Just let me know times and realms, etc. Thanks for the replies and opinions, everyone.