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Recessive Trait?

May 22, 2009
I found this a little interesting.

I mixed my Satyr (pre-pet update) with a Helephant (post pet update) and fortunately got a firewalker pet.

The Satyr was Epic with the following traits:
Mana Gift: mana boost (not sure how much it is)
5% power pip chance
and two passive traits

Needless to say, this Satyr is happily dancing throughout my enchanted forest.

The Helephant was an Adult with the following traits:
Fire Proof: fire resist
Pips o' plenty: Pip chance

I trained my firewalker pet up to epic these are the traits:
Mana gift: +95 mana
Fire Proof: +8% fire resist
Life gift: +6% life damage
Spirited: Passive trait

This is the pet i currently have equipped

After several attempts of training hybrids with poor traits, I began mixing pets for traits, not looks. Therefore i mixed my Firewalker with a first generation Life Banshee that had Life gift talent and ended up with another Life Banshee (that i did not mind since i didn't have one). I began training my Life Banshee that has a slightly higher Pedigree than a normal Life Banshee. The talents is what i found very interesting. Thinking I would end up with a pet with the talents that had manifested or would have manifested in both parent pets, you could imagine my surprise when one of the talents gained was "May cast Fire Charm". Now where did that come from? It sure didn't come from the Life Banshee. The only thing i can think of is that my 'Mutant' pet got that from its Helephant grandfather. Which of course makes me wonder if it will get traits from its Satyr Grandmother. I can only hope it doesn't.

So my question is this...are there hidden traits that can manifest in the offspring of first generation pets? And if so, how many 'generations' will these traits pass down to? Will there still be a chance for the third or possible 4th generation to gain a pip o' plenty talent from the first generation?

Hannah Lifebringer Level 50 Life

:D P.S. The other trait that manifested in the 'mutant' life banshee was fire proof. :D My new pet is really starting to show its fire background!

Jan 27, 2009
The talents that can manifest can be ANY of the talents of the parents whether they manifested in the parents or not. (the ones that the parents manifested are just more likely)

Jun 17, 2010
Well you are certainly lucky to get a hibrid pet. Congratulations.

As for the life banshee...

I do not see how it can get traits from grandfather. Plus a fire walker is a fire pet. So If it had that fire spell it was most likely from the fire walker. I dont think the game can tell the difference. You may get some stuff from stayr. But Its most likely because that Life banshee is well life.
It is quite rare to take on something from ansesters. I dought that that is why it got that spell. It may just be a odd coincidence. after all a fire walker is fire. Be prepared for it to get the same thing as satyr.

Aug 21, 2009
Every pet has a certain number of game and race traits it can manifest from. Every time you mix pets these talents become mixed and then the pet draws from the mixed talents upon aging. A pet does not have to draw the talents that its parents manifested, instead it draws from the possible traits that it has availible to it.

May 22, 2009
The firewalker is a mix between Life and Fire. It gives the Satyr card at baby. It is classified as Life. Yes, my firewalker has fire resist trait, but never manifested the "may cast fire blade" trait. I can only assume that was a POSSIBLE trait that thankfully never manifested in the firewalker. I just find it interesting that it passed the POSSIBLE trait down to its off spring which happens to be a life banshee, and that trait manifested.

Hannah Lifebringer Level 50 Life