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Rare Pet Error

Apr 29, 2009
First time posting, but felt that this needed it.

My son and I looked at what new rare pets were available, and decided to try for the silverback wildclaw (sp?) in the last Grizzleheim battle. When we won, neither of us got a pet, so we tried the chest. With two tries, we both got the silverback, so that worked out well!

The strange thing is, when we looked in our inventory, we actually each ended up with two eggs, not one. They are both on track to hatch at the same time, but needless to say, we found this very strange, and it is probably a bug that needs to be looked into. (I wasn't sure where else to post this)

For those of you that can do it before it gets fixed, enjoy!

Liam Lionbringer (Lvl 50 Ice - My son)
Christopher Lionbringer (Lvl 50 Myth - Me!)

Feb 14, 2009
it's not just pets, yay for free drops, sense we ARE paying with real money i think it is fair that we get double, thanks KI if this isnt a bug, if so plz leave it that way lol