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Ranking your Pet up - An idea

May 31, 2009
It seems that there are a number of frustrations regarding pets and the whole leveling up, and I have an idea that I think would make a lot of people happy. Well, at least a little.

First, I must say that though the general consensus is that it takes far too long to get a pet to EPIC level, I for one am just fine with it. Yes, it takes FOREVER, and yes, I really, really, REALLY wish I didn't have to play mini games to get there, but I truly think that having a pet of the highest standing IS something that should take a while. I think it's a sign of the times that everybody feels entitled to everything and RIGHT NOW, but I hope the folks at KI don't cave into the I-want-it-now set and make it easier. Keep it exclusive, I say.

That said, I do think there is a solution that could take some frustration out of the current system. I must confess that it's not MY idea, but Shaggyzon's post on another thread seems to have been overlooked by many and it deserves some serious consideration.

The idea was to show the pet's Talent that you are working towards. It sounded like he was proposing that ALL for talents would be show at the start, grayed out, so that you could at least SEE what talent(s) were coming. Showing them all at once might not be ideal because many pets would be dumped straight away, but I think it would be AWESOME if you could "preview" the next talent to manifest. So when your pet is a baby, you could see that at Teen he/she would get, say, Fire resist. Then, if you make it to Teen, you would then see that the next talent to manifest would be, say, extra power. And so forth.

With this system there would be a lot less frustration from folks who put a lot of effort into their pet only to discover their Ancient pet has not manifested anything very useful. Getting a pet to Adult is relatively simple and I think it would silence a lot of the grumbling if folks could see what Talent is coming so as to make the decision to continue or start over with a different pet. No where is this more...dare I say...necessary then a pet who is at Ancient and has weeks and weeks of games to play to get to Epic. As a pet owner that has one pet nearly there, I can say I would be less than elated if the Talent my pet gets after all that effort is something less than...well...EPIC! Knowing in advance what I am playing for could save me hours and hours of playing games that are neither challenging NOR fun.

Again, not my idea, but hopefully KI takes it into consideration as they evaluate an aspect to this game that has been the source of frustration for many.