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Question on Talents and Pet Mixing

Aug 21, 2009
I have never done the pet mixing thing before and I don't quite understand how it works when it comes to talents. Say you mix a stormzilla with a life minotaur, from what I understand the stats on both will be the average of the two. Okay, that isn't too difficult to understand, but then it comes to talents. Say after mixing the pet you recieve is a baby stormzilla, will the mixed stormzilla have just storm talents or will it have both life and storm talents. If it will have both life and storm talents, will those talents be chosen from the talents that those pets had drawn themselves, or will those talents be drawn at random from the full lists of the two types of pets. If pets are able to have mixed talents, can the mixed pet then be used to mix yet another pet, and if so which talents will the pet draw from?

If however mixing pets only makes the new baby pet stronger but of the same pet type with the same talent tree as it had before as that type of pet, I'd like to know that. These things make a huge difference to me in deciding what I want to try to mix together.

Jun 09, 2009