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Question on May Cast Auras

Nov 15, 2008
So, I got an Emberstone Tiger recently, and I love that it has "May Cast Vengeance." One of my questions is, can this be hatched? Is it possible for it to show up in another pet? My other question is what is this aura's trigger? I've looked everywhere, and I can't find anything on what triggers Vengeance to be cast. Recently, I've also seen words like, "Dominant" and "Manifested" being thrown around on the forums, and I have no clue what they mean in terms of hatching. Does a manifested trait have a higher chance of manifesting in the next generation? Does a dominant trait have a higher chance of showing up in the gene pool, but not necessarily manifesting? If anybody could answer these questions, that would be great! Thank you!


I'm very new to this whole hatching idea. It's not very fun obviously, but the cannon game is my favorite. One shot it every time. Much faster than the dance one.

Aug 18, 2011
Aura talents will pass in hatches. Triggers seem to be just about everything, unlike some may-cast that only occur on damage. Aura talents are pretty active and can be quite useful in battle.

"Manifested" is a talent that has been unlocked on a given pet. "Dominant" may have slightly different meanings to different players, but usually refers to a talent that shows up often from hatches. There are different theories about how and why, but you'll notice certain talents pop up on offspring more than would be expected by pure change. This can be handy when you are trying to make a custom talent set.

So if I train my Sea Dragon to adult, unlocking Spritely and Spell Proof, those would be the manifested talents. If I hatch it ten times with other pets, and nine of those offspring get Spritely but only one gets Spell Proof, then I would say Spritely is dominant but Spell Proof isn't.

Oct 29, 2013
If you hatch your tiger with another pet, yes, there is a chance the Ace Avenger talent will show up in the offspring's pool.

According to Central, Ace Avenger is triggered by, "Successfuly casting a single spell attack, shield, blade, or trap." These triggers don't guarantee the pet casting Vengeance though; "may cast" means exactly that, MAY cast.

I don't buy into the "dominant" parent school of thought when it comes to passing on talents. The talents that are passed on to an offspring during a hatch are a random mix of both parents in my experience; one parent may contribute more talents than the other in a particular hatch, but that doesn't happen every time.

Manifested means the pet obtained that talent when it leveled up in pet training. As for manifested talents having a better chance of being passed on.... that's been random in my experience too. It happens as often as it doesn't happen in my hatches. In my hatches it seems the talents that are in both parents' pools or manifested in both parents are passed on more often, but again there's no guarantee. --weeps over her latest Deer Knight not getting Pain-Giver in its pool even though both parents' pools included it--

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Apr 25, 2011
Hello TheMusician!

I couldn't help to respond to your question! This question has been thrown a lot out recently, and they all end the same. Sadly, there is no definite way of actually "making" your pet cast any spells, therefore is the reason why it's called may cast. Pets differ. Some like to cast their spell a lot.. others.. not so much. So you may have to wait, until your pet casts the spell.

As for your questions, of course! Any pet can be hatched with another pet no matter what. Now, it is possible to show up in another pet, but it is not 100% guarantee that it will. This is a type of "luck" based game. but if you don't happen to, then you can try and try again, until you "manifest" it, as to your question, manifesting means as to when a pet gets or achieves a trait of any kind. So basically, your tiger "manifested" may cast vengeance. Also, you have mentioned about the trait manifsting in other pets depending on their genes, DNA, dominat trait etc. but the truth is, that is not true. Any pet, of any kind can learn a specific trait as long as it's hatched with another pet who has that specific trait. I hope I didn't sound rude or mean, which I do sound like a lot, and I hope I partially answered your question xP

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