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Question about level 48 hybrid pets

Mar 12, 2010
Recently I've managed to hatch a Tempest Hound from an Orthrus and a Stormzilla. Though any school can use this pet, for general purpose it is still considered a Myth pet and has an Orthrus spell card. But the real odd thing was when my pet reached Teen it learned the talent Storm-shot (increased storm spell accuracy) and at Ancient he learned Myth Ward(?) (chance to cast a myth shield).

The question I wanted to ask was was this an intended design in the hybrid pets? That they could learn talents from both its parents school (in this case Storm and Myth) or are they only suppose to learn Talents from their own class?

Jun 18, 2009

since it was hatched from BOTH storm and myth, the dominant form is myth, but it still has storm like if I hatched a reaver from a wraith and a hydra it might give me a balance boost and a death boost even though it is considered only one fo those pets. I wouldn't fight it though, because it is better to have more ;)

Scarlet Willow
Lvl 48-Ds

Victoria Dusk
Lvl 45-Ds

Cori Raven
Lvl 18-Kt

Jul 15, 2009
Children will usually inherit the pre-set traits of both thier parents, whether or not that trait has manefested. There is usually some random put into the system, but a child of two schools will have a mix of those traits.

Example: I got a Life Minotaur that presented at adult with life-shot and a passive trait I don't remember. I bred him with a friend's brass golem, who presented at adult with defence against balance spells and balance accuracy.

I got a life minotaur that presented at teen with balance defence, and my friend got a golem that presented with life aura at teen.

When I raised the parent life minotaur to ancient, he also got life aura.

All this, for the (relatively) low price of 21k ;)

Mar 12, 2010
Hehe, no fighting it, I'm just trying to satisfy my curiosity. :-D