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Question about a pet talent

Oct 30, 2009
Hy , i am new to the wizard101 forum!

I have an epic pet with the following talents :

- may cast unicorn
- may cast healing currnet
- Spell Proof
- may cast fortify aura

Question is :

Can my pet cast unicorn or healing current during the four rounds fortify aura is active?


Jul 17, 2011
From what I know, YES. The fact that a talent is lasting for more rounds doesn't influence the other talents. The pet doesn't think "I have casted the aura, better wait until it is gone to do something else". The moment when Fortify aura is casted counts as the "may cast". So once the pet is done with that, he is able to cast something else.

Erin FireSword, level 90

Mar 27, 2011
Wow, nice pet! and yes. One may-cast will not affect another, except you couldn't have two auras at the same time.