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post your new pet training game ideas here

Oct 27, 2013
I am very interested in adding more pet training games to the pavilion.

Here are my pet minigame ideas:

the point of the game is to hit as many enemies as you can before the time runs out or you running out of bows.
you recieve 10 bows; getting 4-9 foes to kill. each foe you hit is worth 50-100 points

controls: left click: fire arrow
right click: charge arrow
left arrow key: move to the left
right arrow key: move to the right
space bar: jump

scoring: 100 or under: try harder, 101-250: just OK, 251-350: good job, 351-400: awesome, 401+: perfect

unicorn's travel:
the point is similar and same to dueling diego (your pet is on the unicorn; it attacks with its horn lol), same controls, scoring, enemies and levels as dueling diego

scoring: 50 or under: try harder, 51-250: just OK, 251-350: good job, 351-450: awesome, 451+: perfect

pet items:
-pet pedestal: press "X" and you can play a pet training game from your house! price: 2000 crowns
-bird pet gift: press "X" and get a free reward from the bird! price: 3000 crowns or 10000 arena tickets
-flying monkey: Press "X" and you'll get a power reward for your wizard! rewards: +25% pet experience from the next 3 pet training games, double snacks (feeds and gives twice the stats, even pet XP, the regular snack gives.) 25% cheaper price on hatching your next pet or another snack

What are yours?????????????? if the scoring/game seems too easy/hard or items are OP give me a quote and i'll update the items

Please share your pet minigame/item ideas with us!