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Post your advanced pets here

Oct 04, 2010
Post your list of pets here if you want to hatch, if you want to hatch with someone who has posted quote their list and request a hatch, make sure you post your time zone, time, and date of hatch along with your characters name and school. All hatches are located in the HATCHERY in WU REALM.

Here's my pet list:

Forest Beast (With life blade at baby)
Ash Spider
Plague Ninja (With Plague Ninja at ancient)
Dream Ghoul (With Ghoul at baby)
Death Leprachaun (With Death Leprachaun at baby)
Green Ghost
Bumble Bee (With Luminous Spider at baby)
Seraph (With Seraph at baby)

If you want additional stats on my pets ask, and I will be happy to give them to you. If you set up a hatching request please post 1 or more weeks in advance.

- Scarlet Moonstone lvl 41