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pixie queen pet from Smogger... no card?

Mar 10, 2009
I am a little confused about this. Hopefully you good folks can shed some light. Before the new pets went live, I possesed 2 pixie queen pets dropped by smogger. Naturally, the pre pet pavilion pixie queens came with a 480 healing pixie card. So like the day pets went live I happened to fight smogger and got the queen again. This one does not come with the card. Or does it? Does it gain the card at adult or ancient perhaps? Thx for reading and I look forward to ur replies.

Connor SoulSinger
Lvl 44 Thaumaturge

Jul 04, 2009
I too won the Pixie Queen pre and post Pavilion Update. Before the update, I got the Fairy card, after the update I got nothing.

This Pet Pavilion update has made me tremendously mad. The only way to raise a pet is to play these idiotic games, when in reality pets should gain experience by being equipped and doing regular wizard quests.

If I didn't wish to play PvP, it had absolutely no impact on regular gameplay. Even equipment earned through arena tickets doing PvP are no better than those I can find by farming bosses.

However, this pet update has made it mandatory that you waste time and money in order to raise a pet just to possibly get the card that originally came with the pets immediately upon earning the pet.

With this and all the other bugs that came along with the pet update that does affect regular gameplay, I give this a resounding 5 thumbs down.

Mar 10, 2009
AMEN PREACHER!! That's precisely what I was talking aboit on my reply to gamma's post regarding lvl 48 pets losing the 5% power pips. Sigh...my poor hydra lol. Oh well... perhaps we'll get lucky and get the pip o plenty talent.... but wait that's the whole point preacher and I are making. We have to train and get lucky now to get an attribute that was guaranteed before. If your not interested in pet training it shouldn't have a negative effect or your normal game play as it was b4 the pet update, but alas this power pip business has done just that imho.