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Pets Talent question

Dec 19, 2008
I have a question about Pet talents.

In the guides about the advance pet system I see 3 talents that are somewhat confusing to me. Buff, Debuff and Disarm. Can someone explain how these work and what they mean, in regular spell cards It's very obvious how they work but in pet talents it's hard to understand. For example if my Stormzilla had a Talent called Storm Trap (May Cast Storm Ward) and it's under the category of Debuff. So does this mean that the pet casts a Storm trap? Or if someone casts a storm trap that it casts a storm shield over it? I also believe that these types of Talents are bugged? (Blade and Trap Talents) So I have a Frost Cat that has the Talent IceBlade but it has never casted a single Blade on me and I always have it equipped in battles. If it's not a spoiler can you please describe how to activate these talents like you said about the Aura spells.

Apr 21, 2010
Blades and Traps appear to be bugged and never cast.
Shields and Spritely (heal) do cast.