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Pets: Not healing often, Grrrrr

Dec 22, 2010
Hi there!

I remember before the pet updates of them not healing when your health is full and whatnot. I want to know why this was made this way? o:

I'm finding that my pet is healing much less than before; I thought the point of having pets is to *help* us during battles. I remember countless of times when I did not need to heal or needed healing during dungeons/towers because my pet would constantly heal me. I thought that's what they were supposed to do!

Did KI change it because of PVP or something? If so, it'll only add to the challenge which is a good thing. But would someone be so kind in explaining why this changed?

Maria Cloud

Aug 06, 2008
Hey! I'm not entirely sure how the update changed things, i can only talk from experience. My questing pet is a rain beetle with spell-proof, healing current, fairy, and spritify. A few things, the pet will not cast spritify while you are full health, it will however still cast fairy if you are full health, along with healing current. I've noticed the higher level healing spells, such as healing current and unicorn are casted MUCH less often than fairy and spritify. I don't know if that is just my luck, or that is how it is setup. But I probably get 10 spritify and fairy for every one healing current. As far as pvp goes, I generally get healed just as much as if I were fighting monsters. However, each interval inbetween attacks, there is a chance for the pet to heal, or even heal multiple times. So when there are more people in the fight, your chances of healing are greater. I'll give an example. If you and a friend are fighting 3 monsters, there are a lot more chances to heal each round. If you are doing a 1v1 pvp match, there are much fewer each round, which makes it seem like you are healing less. Hope that helped!
-Adam Seafist lvl 83

May 28, 2009
It should be the same sometime it heals a lot and sometime it doesn't happen at all. It is a game of luck whether or not the heal triggers.

Aug 04, 2010
I would say that part of it was due to PvP, like I have had my pet drop 14 sprites on me in one round of 4v4 pvp before because it could trigger on its own casts before. In pvp it isn't nice to have your enemy heal up max health every round of combat. So I am guessing that the change was mostly because of over healing in pvp that the change happened.

Dec 22, 2010