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Pets from comercial.

Jun 17, 2009
Dear KI,

Ok so i have a question i am a huge MMO fan and have played WoW and CoH and my little brother started playing Wizard101 and to play with him i joined and got sucked in. Out of all the games the pet process has standed out to me. I am a huge pet collector (in game) and so when the comercial came out for the Advanced Pets i naturally got excited because of the pets i saw. I am almost a GM death and when i saw the skeleton knight i was happy, but the fire beetle just made me lose it. I joined a little to late to obtain either beelte/scarab pets so when i saw that i was excited. But as of now no beelte drops have been found and find it a little offending. I mean i am old enough to understand that you have to make things look better than they are, but still the beetle pet is the only pet i really every wanted so it kinda hurts to be lied to. I also understand that due to "Spoiler risks" you cannot confirm there actually being another beelte pet, but it would be nice to know. And if there are no Skeleton Knight pets or Fire Beetle pets, i feel it would be better for everyone just to remove those images to allow others not to get as consumed in farming as i have become for a pet that might not even exist. And if the image is removed it could confirm the non-existance of those few pets. This is not intended to offend anyone but it is just a suggestion to remove any confusion due to new pets. Thank you for your time. :|

Sincerely, An Interested Wizard101 Player

Oh they very much exist, but some pets can only be obtained through the Hatching process.

I'm sure once it's discovered how those pets are obtained, the news will be spread across the fansites as fast as, well as fast as a fire beetle can run!

If you want the prize, you have to build the ladder rung by rung. There are no shortcuts.
Nov 01, 2008
You can obtain a Life Beetle from the Plague Oni in Shirtaki Temple Dungeon I believe. Then try mixing it with a fire attributed pet that is adult. Try a heckhound or a fire cat since they would probably be cheapest to do this with.

Mar 08, 2010
sry this may be wrong forum but prospector zeke i would like to know why did KI change the pip chance for lvl 48 pets? i was so gutted when i found out i had to lvl my pet to get it and i got it to teen and still not 5% pip chance :( pls change it back

Jun 09, 2009
Flame Scarab is rumored to be a Krokenomicon King or a Tomb of the Beguiler drop. It's a rumor, though.