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Pets from battle

May 22, 2009
Hey people wolf stormfist again and i really like pets but the ones i like the most are from battles.I see some of my friends with pets from battles like the banshee and when i ask them where they got it they say idk some fight.So i just want to ask people if they know where to get pets and from what battle you get them from.Some certain pets i'm looking for are the fire elf,any of the snakes,the banshee,the red ghost and green ghost,the minotaur,the sunbird,a storm elf or ice elf,a storm cat,any scarab,a fire elemental ( i think it was a fire elemental but it had a tornado for feet so something like that ),and one of those walking trees (forgot the name lol :-)).so if you know where to find any of these or where to find another pet from a battle i didnt list plz tell me cause I LOVE PETS.
Wolf Stormfist