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Pets Casting their OWN SPELLS?!?!

Jul 02, 2009
Okay, so I've never seen a pet cast their own spell. Maybe because I'm just in Krokotopia. But I know that it's true because they said it in the commercial! And commercials are always right! (Ha ha. Just kidding. Only The Wizard 101 commercials are always right. Anyways...) I wanted to know when your pet can cast their own spells. Do they have to be ancient? Or epic? Cause my bloodbat is adult. And that seems like the right age to cast your own spells! Is there any more info I need to learn before they cast their own spells? Can they do it while I'm defeated? AND WHAT DOES IT LOOK LIKE? I think it would look awesome. Just asking.

Jul 20, 2009
They have to have the talent to cast their own spells, Nerual48. And I don't know what it looks like :( , you could see from the commercial.

Jul 18, 2009
My pet is Ancient and does not cast anything. Honestly, I would have never spent all that time and money leveling up my pet if I knew it was going to contiue to be worthless. Come on guys! You said pets will cast spells. Lets see it!

Sep 06, 2009
I have an epic orthrus that is supposed to cast myth trap. So far, I have not seen it cast. I have an ancient Stromziall that casts a myth trap, so far never. I have an ancient Helephant that casts fire blade, so far never.

From my experience, I am pretty sure the odds are less than 1%. :(

May 22, 2010
I think that the pets that cast their own spell, are from the membership cards. The card gves a free pet, with morepower than most. y friend had one, and it casts spells all te time. If you get the membershi card, the pet you redeem from it will probably cast it's own spells, once trained. They also give cards. Hope this helped, Molly Starmender, Fire, lvl 27. :D

Dec 16, 2008
So, what I'm hearing is it has to be a level 48 pet, at anchient? All that work on my firecat for NOTHING? That was a waste of my crowns...

May 22, 2009
I have a life minotaur that sometimes casts a life shield. It has done it several times. The camera will focus on you and your pet. The pet does his/her little dance and then casts the spell.

The skill is supposed to be ultra-rare, but personally i would prefer a damage, accuracy, health, mana, or power pip boost over the chance my pet will cast a spell.

Hannah Lifebringer Level 50 Life

Apr 15, 2010
I believe you're referring to the pets that require a purchase with crowns. Check the wizard city pet shop.
I bought the storm hound and it comes with a card that is equipped in the equipment section of the deck when the pet is equipped. It works even as the pet is a baby. AWESOME!

May 11, 2010
What gives me and my friends were all waiting for the pets to attack come but what do we get nothing! :( I trained my dragon to adult so what gives???!!!! I wasted many snackes and time someone from kingsisle ANSWER US! I want my dragon to breath fire or dragonblade me

Apr 26, 2010
Part of raising a pet is the randomness of it all. You never get the same talents twice! (Okay, well, you do but if you do the exact same thing you get the exact same result.) Try doing different things. If you just played the drop game with a fire cat and got max strength than you get something diffrent than if you maxed out agility. Is this supposed to be some talent or something? If it is than try power since it is very vauge on what it does. If not get the rarest pet you can. And besides it seems like that thing would happen at epic.

Jun 09, 2010
I have a pet that came with a card and I see it in my spell book to add to my deck. But as far as casting spells itself? Are they supposed too?

Jun 06, 2009

many of the crown pets, when equipped and having reached a certain level, will give you a card. in other words, the card they give is PUT INTO YOUR DECK, NOT THAT OF THE PET.

for a pet to cast a spell, it needs a specific talent thats lets it do so. as i gather, this talent is "Ultra-rare", so your pet is probably not going to get it.

but that doesn't make them useless! no way. several other talents and aspects are good too, like the cards they give you. some talents increase your combat stats, like resistance, max mana, max health, etc.

ps: hey ki, now that the pets give us extra magic, they are officially wrongly named. an animal or magical beast from which a spellcaster can draw arcane power is correctly called a familiar, not a pet.

Jun 09, 2010
ok my question is mostly on topic if you have a pet for example i got a spider pet from the shop in mooshu and its supposed to give me a card thats life school do you need to be the same school as the power so would i need to be life? the reason i ask is cuz i also got a krokomummy thats supposed to have a card that comes with it but hes adult and still no card only thing i can think of is because its a fire dam card and im death does this effect wether i can use the power or even get the card? Any reply would be great thanks.

May 05, 2010
Zowron, go to your pet tab and hold you cursor over your pet. When the help tool pops up describing your pet, it will say "give card at blank". The blank will say baby, adult, ancient, epic, etc...your pet must be this "old" to give the card. The card will then appear in the bottom rows when you are looking at your deck tab. You do not have to be the same class in order to get the spell.

May 11, 2010
Dudes I checked some parts of the information the pet has to have the ability to attack. So you have train multiple pets or one to adult or anceint and hope he or she gets the attacking abilitie. Dont belive me? click on advance pets on the first page and scroll down to the abilities list.

Nov 01, 2008
Ok well on the Test Realm, I purchased the Jade Oni pet, you get the spell card in YOUR deck so YOU are the one to choose the spell, YOUR PET gets zoomed in on and does the spell animation. Same with the Storm Hound. Also if you get the card myth trap from your pet, YOU need to choose it and YOUR PET will cast it. Otherwise that would be like me using a Frost Giant and then my colossus pet casting on an opponent so we would be teaming. They are probably fixing this right now. Thats why the test realm has it and not Live.

-Talon LifeFlame - Grandmaster Thaumaturge

May 21, 2009
it's simple pets that come with their own cards are able to cast it them selves but the only way this is if you get the card in your deck and you cast it it will show the pet casting it him/her self. get it?

Mar 21, 2009
So what they are doing is making the pet cast the card the pets gives to your deck? I'm sure this looks great, but this really doesn't make the pet any more helpful than before the pet update. In fact, it just means that we have to do the mindless pet games to even get the card. Before the pet update we at least had the card as soon as we got the pet.