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Pets are cool but seem useless at times

Jun 07, 2010
I don't know about the community, but for me, I am a collector, I enjoy having different pets all the time, but the level of these pets really do not do nothing, well, as far as I can tell, with the exception of giving you a card to use in battle.

I think as pet level increases new pet spells should unlock this would be nice, and as pet being Epic there should be more then one card in your deck for it to use, and a new spell should be added to pet. The same goes for teen, adult, and ancient. All my pets are more then baby, and it is still the same old spell.

The X cost of card and the +per pip damage output is a sweet deal on some pets for there spell, but the odds of your pet coming around more the once per round boss battle is slim to none because there is only one pet card in your deck, atleast epic level, there should be 4 pet cards in your deck of whatever pet your wizard is equipped with.

Do other people feel that level depending pets should be able to learn different attack spells, instead of the same old spell over and over regardless of your pet level? I mean some people pay a fortune on crowns for the pet snacks to level there pets faster, atleast give our pets different spells to unlock per level.

Aug 23, 2009
I agree, the entire system of leveling pets seems solely designed for derby racing, and minimal amount of assistance in battle. That said it would be nice if the time and energy put into training pets were reflected in real boost in stats, extra cards, spells, etc. Even with an epic pet only significant boosts from these pets are the card they started out with and maybe minor character stat boosts that are less than a single accessory item, from ring or athame; which is really disappointing given the energy, time, and gold involved versus simply buying an item at shop or bazaar.