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Nov 09, 2012
hey guys I am new to the boards so please don't judge me. well I was interested if I can find any kind wizards that are willing to hatch with me! my jade pet at this moment has storm proof and storm ward...my other pet has storm ward, fire ward and proof. I am simply looking for proof, fire ward, storm ward or proof or even both and ice ward and balance ward! the side offers such as fairy, may cast fortify or may cast conviction is fine but rather happily with the choices above! thanks everybody have a frosty day

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Dec 22, 2008
Hi do you have a foo dog? or a red panda?? Cuz I've been trying to get those and waisted my crowns on trying to get them, if so I'm willing to hatch my Frankenbunny pet with you it has a healing current ability that actually casts quite often plz reply .