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Pet vs Pet

Dec 20, 2008
Have pet versus pet fight. Make it in a arena they can freely move around in.

You move your pet with the arrow keys. Space makes you jump and interact. Use the number keys above the keyboard 1,2,3, and 4 to use different moves. Pet energy represents health.

The arena would have higher grounds where you have to jump up. and using the spacebar to interact to climb a rope or something like that. The number one key (1) Is a physical attack. Claw for a dragon, Oni head-but, piggle head-but, Firecat bite, spider slash, ghoul shovel hit, etc.

Number key two (2) Is a special attack. Dragon, heck hound, and firecat breath fire, spider shoots web, ghoul throws shovel like a boomerang, krok does the spin thingy, Oni sword throw, Unicorn magical beam from horn, imp music, colossus super stomp, etc.

Number key three (3) Is a personalized bonus. Colossus's and Onis get one defence for ten seconds, piggles get short term speed boost, Unicorns same a piggles, firecat gets one bonus damage for ten seconds, dragon same as firecat, death pets gain one tenth health from their next attack, etc.

Number four key (4) Is a Health bonus. Amount of health gain varies from pet to pet. One example is that Unicorns might have a higher heal than others.

Now more about the fights themselves.
As mentioned earlier the fights are open field ones. every pet for itself against three others (four total). They move around freely and are NOT committed to a certain area as in wizard duels.
If you lose, you get the option to leave the game or be a ghost camera. A ghost camera lets you move the screen around the batttlefield. You are allowed to leave the ghost camera at anytime.

Forth place gets 20 gold.

Third place gets 20 gold and 5 arena tickets.

Second place gets 20 gold and 10 arena tickets.

First place gets 20 gold, 20 arena tickets, and a winners ribbon.

Winners ribbons are something you collect and show other wizards to prove how good you are.

If you get a perfect win you get double the gold and arena tickets along with a Omega ribbon. A perfect win is if you take no damage at all. Other wizard can also see how many omega ribbons you have.

Tell me what you think and add your own ideas.

Raptoris 8)