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Pet training ideas

Jan 11, 2012
I did a search and couldn't find anything like this, so here goes:

1) Archery Game ideas: I think that if you're playing the archery game, if you hit the bullseye with all 4 attempts, you should get a bonus XP point for doing such a great job. I DON'T think the practice round should be counted against you. if you dont hit the target with all 4 tries, you can NOT obtain the perfect level and not get full credit for your turns. PRACTICE, is just that, not part of the actual competition

2) Open up all slots and levels to be attained.

3) I'm sure some people will disagree with me, and that's fine, but I think the XP needed should be changed a bit especially in conjunction with my previous idea. New level XP values should be:

(L1) 100
(L2) 200
(L3) 400
(L4) 800
(L5) 1,600
(L6) 3,200
(L7) 6,400
(L8) 12,800

Right now, the way it's going, it's gonna be like:

(L1) 100
(L2) 250
(L3) 500
(L4) 1,000
(L5) 2,000
(L6) 4,000 (assumed - I know, bad idea)
(L7) 8,000 (assumed - I know, bad idea)
(L8) 16,000 (assumed - I know, bad idea)

As you can see, it's only 4,800 different (by my assumed figures), but it would seem like we're accomplishing something a tad faster.

4) In the vein of faster leveling, perhaps giving us some PET XP when the pet uses an ability or card. If we got XP for that, I'd have no problem making the leveling HARDER since we'd have multiple ways to gain XP besides just the games.