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Pet Talents Galore

Aug 12, 2012
Hey you guys its me again JordanDeathTamer representing that school.I was wondering how you guys would feel about getting our talents slots increased on our pets.If we were to do so we would be able to get more talents which helps us get a better pet.I thought it would be pretty cool to be able to get multiple talents.As of right now we only have what?? 10 talent slots and only 5 of those 10 are our epic and rare talents so imagine the possibility with even more talent slots.Am i just over thinking this or could this truely be something big leave some comments and let KingsIsle know how you feel about that.Heck let me know how you feel about it. See ya Wizards!

Sep 17, 2012
The biggest problem I see with expanding pet talents would be the effect on the pace of gameplay. Part of the reason I prefer doing dungeons with only 1 other wizard is that it takes less time than a full party because of less pet spam. Increasing the active talents would increase possible may casts. I'm not a big PvP player but I imagine this would drive PvP players crazy if people were able to train pets that are even more overpowered than now. I have pets with 15 proof+defy resist, fairy, sprite, shatter/pierce already. If I could add my enfeeble, block, attack and criticals to those it could get a bit ridiculously powerful pets.

Aug 18, 2011
I'd love it, and I have pets & snacks ready to go :) but as Seethe said, it could get really OP if you opened everything. Pets are about right as they are.