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pet talents

Nov 10, 2009
after hours of farming i got a wild claw pet from ravenscar i was so exicted after getting it and it looked so strong (wow 58 pedigree) and after spent more time at traning this pet to ancient (feels like forever), i found that this pet is ruined by his 'talents'.
look at this: efficent(+25 intellegence, +25 agility), vigilant(+25strength, +25 intellegence), tireless(+25 strength, +25 agility). the pet is at anceint and it has the above talents, i mean hello? how is this pet going to help me in MAGIC duels? it sounded so great in the promotion, 'pets will now help you in your magic duels', its is just very frustrating when you spent hours and hours on training your pets and you end up with suck trash talents
i am sure a lot of you would have the same experience as i had, after a week of work finally got your pet t oancient and found it gives you a telent that gives you max stats boost, and you go: aww his pet is ruined. how is that going to help you in fight?
how why is this talent so 'good' that KI rated it ultra rare(3 dots)? in my opinion this kind of talents should be rated uncommon(1 dot) or lower, because it is completely garbage, and remove these talents completely or put less of them in my pets :x