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Pet Talent Problem solver Suggestion

Dec 12, 2015
Hello staff members of Wizard101. I on behalf of many who dedicated them selves into working with many variety of pets with their hard work and efforts and lots and lots when i lots i mean lots of mega snacks.Would like to make a suggestion based on pre-selected talents on new born egg/pet. We would like to know when a pet hatch the talent it manifested could be highlighted so that we would know if its worth training or not because many of us are tired by the fact we take a pet to mega are where not gauranteed to get what we want because its pre-selected.Therefore making it impossible for us to decided whether its worth training or not.This is something really need to be looked at because if talents are not random and are pre-selected from birth we should have the right to know what it have rather than guessing what it will have from both parents. Therefore we are asking for the talents to be highlighted weather by a symbol or changed of color anything than can help us know whether to train out pet or not rather than constantly hatching pets for random talents not worth training for. Please let me know if this is possible.yours truly, Gabriel Light Walker max storm 120.Pet specialist thank you very much

Dec 22, 2008
i feel ya on this bro and agree 900%